About the Tory Reform Group

The Tory Reform Group works to promote the values of One Nation Conservatism.

The TRG advocates the benefits of a society founded on freedom, individual responsibility and community. We see a mutually beneficial relationship between market efficiency and a better society.

The TRG brings together members and supporters of the Conservative Party who share this approach to Conservative politics.

Our members include parliamentarians, councillors, association officers and private individuals from all parts of the UK. Members of the TRG are part of a respected movement in the tradition of moderate and pragmatic Conservatism. Members can join the debate and help to develop ideas and policies through:

  •  attending TRG seminars and dinners
  •  receiving TRG journal Reformer and other publications
  •  supporting TRG fringe programme events at the Conservative Party Conference
  •  accessing discussion forums and news for members on the TRG website

The strength of TRG lies in the breadth and blend of its membership, which is drawn from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

"The TRG remains the best place for those who, like me, believe in a market economy and individual liberty combined with a social conscience."

Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP
TRG Honorary President
Address to Student TRG, January 2007