Our Columnists

In time honoured alphabetical order, herein some information about Egremont’s conspicuously talented columnists.

Craig Barrett is a solicitor practising in the City of London and a former Conservative party council candidate. Follow him on Twitter @MrSteedUK

Sara Benwell works in the world of PR for a London firm specialising in finance. Follow her on Twitter @SaraBenwell

Jack Blackburn is a graduate of the University of Oxford with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Theology. Follow him on Twitter @BlackburnJA

David Cowan is a History undergraduate at Cambridge University and a Conservative party activist. Follow him on Twitter @david_cowan

Ryan Gray is a history undergraduate and advisor at the citizens advice bureau. He is set to run in local elections in 2014 as a Conservative Party candidate. Follow him on Twitter @RyanDMGray

Henry Hopwood-Phillips is a failed entrepreneur who now ruminates on a lost youth in the City, the Military, and the Church. Follow him on Twitter @TheHolySmoke

Giles Marshall is Head of Politics in a London grammar school and a former Chairman of the Tory Reform Group. Follow him on Twitter @GilesMarshall

Louis Reynolds is a postgraduate masters student studying Intelligence and International Security at King’s College London. Follow him on Twitter @Louis_EH_Reynolds

Matthew Robertson is a trainee chartered accountant and former parliamentary researcher. Follow him on Twitter @FlatFootTory

James Willby is a marketing and database professional working in London whilst studying an MSc in Computer Science at Birkbeck. An avid pro-European, he writes on Europe and the current state of the Conservative party. Follow him on Twitter @JamesWillby