Editorial Team


Aaron Ellis is our Commissioning Editor and a commentator specialising in foreign affairs and national security. Follow him on Twitter @AaronHEllis

Executive Editors

Nik Darlington is a writer, editor and small business owner.

A former management consultant, he specialised in strategy and marketing for universities and newspapers.  Follow him on Twitter @NikDarlington.

Nik writes a monthly history column for Total Politics magazine and has written for business journals, the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, the Huffington Post, Dale & Co, the Soil Association and The Spectator. He is also a regular guest political commentator for BBC Radio Scotland.

In 2012, he set up online wine company Red Squirrel Wine.

For media inquiries please contact Nik at nik@nikdarlington.com.

Alex Pannett

Alexander Pannett is a financial services solicitor at a large international law firm.

He is a member of the National Management Board of the Tory Reform Group. Follow him on Twitter @alpannett